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After Oil

UK survivalin the 21st Century


    "Taking into account the forecasts of the World Model, the year 2000 sits at the peak of world resources availability.

    It shows that from 2000 the rate of discovery of new resources falls below the rate of their consumption, notably in

    the case of petroleum, which is of course non-renewable.


    The forecast breakdown in the world's economy is caused by a combination of rising population and increasing consumption of resources by a favoured minority. As resources become scarcer, the amount of capital required to retrieve new leaner discoveries becomes uneconomically high. Such resources as remain will be sought competitively and no doubt fought over. In the case of energy, more energy may well be required to create new sources than the energy thus obtained.


    The key factor is the fall-off in the effectiveness of capital. The ability to correct situations will be lost. Improvements

    in public services and the urban environment will be non-attainable."







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