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Peak Oil - A Crisis Facing The Entire Planet

Apart from the Greens, the only other political party in the UK discussing Peak Oil is the

controversial British National Party. Other, more mainstream, parties seem to be ignoring

the issue of, not only, Peak Oil but the energy problems facing the UK in general.


    "If peak oil is an issue surely it is best left for the energy experts to resolve and the BNP can concentrate

    on more immediate matters? Such a question is commonly heard at branch meetings and read in emails

    and letters sent into the web team and other office holders.


    In response we need to be clear about some basic issues. The BNP is not going to achieve political

    power in Westminster or elsewhere, beyond perhaps a few town or district councils in the next

    10-15 years. The current corrupt system will not allow the BNP to win anything more than a token

    presence in councils and perhaps one or two other elected chambers around the country. However

    the corrupt system is not going to manage to silence the growing number of Britons who are rightly

    concerned, fed up and disillusioned by the betrayal of our economy, our communities, our culture

    and our way of life."







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