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"Energy4Green Review"

Product: Energy4Green Guide
Price: Just $49.99
Delivery: Instant - eBooks & DVD
Money Back Guarantee: 8 Weeks

If you are looking for information about the right DIY energy system to power your home, then you can find the answer in the Energy4Green guide. This is an easily downloadable eBook that gives you easy to understand instructions, diagrams, pictures and directions on how to build solar energy and wind power generator devices.

Energy4Green is so easy to understand and read that any competent person can use it to build their own home energy system. The price of the eBook course is very reasonable at only $49.99. The overall cost of making your home solar energy or wind power system is also very inexpensive considering the fact that the materials that you need to buy for the solar panel or windmill cost a maximum of $200 which means you recover your costs in a relatively short space of time.

The Energy4Green concept was developed at a university as an engineering project. School students were then asked to create their own home energy system. Without the help of a teacher, the school students managed to build the windmills and solar panels with only the help of basic tools found in almost everyone's home.

The wind power unit that you will build through Energy4Green will produce a maximum of 1000 Watts and the energy from the solar panel that you will construct runs at a maximum output of 200 Watts. As well as being shown how to easily construct the solar energy and wind power units, Energy4Green also shows you how to install them as well. It also comes with a maintenance schedule and checklist of the materials you have to buy to ensure you get all the correct materials that are required for construction.

With a solar energy and wind power combination installed in your home you could potentially save up to 80% or more on your energy bills depending, of course, on the availability of suitable lighting conditions and wind in your area. In fact, if you use both devices in your home and are connected up to the grid, the electric company will be more than happy to pay you for the excess energy you sell to them. You can then have the electricity company pay you for your power from your successfully constructed and installed solar panel energy and wind power units.

There are several bonuses included with the Energy4Green guide. You will receive 2 additional eBooks with your purchase. The first is an eBook on 'Planning and Installing Bioenergy Systems' which teaches you how to transform your home into a mini power station and the second eBook is 'Renewable Energy Technology' that teaches you about the energy revolution and its benefits.

Energy4Green comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason or other you don't reduce your energy costs within 60 days of purchasing Energy4Green, you can ask for a 100% refund of your money.

The only drawback that can be seen regarding the Energy4Green guide is that unlike the Earth4Energy guide, no video instructions are provided. If you can manage without the videos, which is perfectly possible, there is nothing stopping you from being successful with Energy4Green in saving some money on your home energy costs.


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