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"The Future Of Electricity"

The Future Of Electricity

Electricity will shape all of our futures in more ways than we can imagine so let's look at some of the things that might happen.

Electricity Could Become Wireless!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had no wires in the house and still had a constant supply of electricity? Will we see wireless power in the future? Well, according to some experts we will. Recently, a team at MIT conducted a wireless electricity experiment successfully, although the idea was first experimented with over a hundred years ago by the genius inventor Nikola Tesla. With the success of these recent wireless electricity experiments, this seemingly far-fetched idea could possibly soon come true. So, in the not too distant future, we could see electrical appliances charging themselves without being physically connected to any wires!

Electrical Energy Will Be Clean!

The process of generating electricity using gas and particularly coal fired power stations emits enormous amounts of pollutants and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, the future of electricity generation is envisaged as being greener and cleaner. Given the concern about the environment (and the eventual decline in the availability of cheap fossil fuels), electricity production in the future will increasingly make use of renewable sources of energy, leading to a cleaner environment. Currently, electricity is mainly produced by consuming non-renewable fuels that will eventually become scarcer and more expensive.

Most Things Will Be Electric!

We may already have electric cars and electric shavers, but what else will the future bring? Well virtually anything could turn into an electrical gadget. If this sounds far-fetched then visit the futuristic shops at Akihabara in Japan for a glimpse of the future.

There Will Be No Outages!

Many people the world over, particularly in less developed parts of the world, look forward to a future with virtually no power outages. Alternative energy solutions promise us a future with an uninterrupted supply of electrical energy. With an increasing dependency on electrical power for everything, consumers need to have a supply of power that is always available.


Overall Rating:


Earth4Energy Best Guide!

Our conclusion is that Earth4Energy is the best and most useful DIY home energy guide. It is a very simple, comprehensive and easy to understand guide on how to build your own solar and wind power devices that produce renewable energy at home.

It is easy to read and understand, very helpful and the methods described can be implemented quickly. It's best points are that:

  • It has full details for both solar and wind energy devices.
  • The instructions are easy to follow, the devices easy to build and install and the construction and maintenance costs are low.

    Click to visit this Solar Power & Wind Energy site!

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