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"HomeMadeEnergy Review"

Product: HomeMadeEnergy Guide
Price: $47
Delivery: Instant download
Guarantee: 8 Weeks

Rising energy costs mean that people are looking for ways of reducing their energy bills as much as possible. To help them do this, experts and professionals alike have written comprehensive guides to help the average person understand what they need to do in order to achieve this. This is our review of one such home solar energy and wind power guide, the HomeMadeEnergy course.

The HomeMadeEnergy guide is an easily downloadable series of eBooks from the Internet for a reasonable price of only $47 which you can either read on your computer or print out.

HomeMadeEnergy can teach you how it is possible to save substantial sums of money per year on your energy bills throughout your life. You are taught how it is possible to build your own personal solar powered or wind powered home energy systems to provide for a substantial proportion of your home energy needs.

These home energy generation systems in turn help the environment with their reduced pollution. Building home solar energy and wind power devices with the HomeMadeEnergy eBook is easy and straightforward and can be done with the help of friends and family over a weekend. This is because the instructions, diagrams and photos make the construction and installation so easy that even novices can easily create their own home energy system.

In fact, with the home solar energy and wind power devices you build by following the instructions contained in the HomeMadeEnergy eBook, you may even be able to go off the grid totally eventually so that rising electricity costs have little effect on you. Also, if you are wired to the grid, you can also make the electricity company actually pay you by selling the excess electricity that you produce for them.

If you find it difficult to choose between a solar energy system and a wind powered electricity generator, you need not worry as HomeMadeEnergy will help you make the decision based on your geographical location and your house size. Of course, you can always build both systems to produce even more energy for your home.

Besides providing instructions on how to build your own home energy systems, HomeMadeEnergy also makes finding the relevant materials for the construction of the solar panels and wind generators easy as they are mostly available in your local hardware store. The total cost will be a maximum of $250. After you have constructed your solar or wind energy devices, HomeMadeEnergy also teaches you how to install them into your home.

Bill Ford, the writer of HomeMadeEnergy states that it is possible for you to build the wind generator in five hours and the solar panel in six hours. However this is not entirely true as novices with tools may take a whole weekend to successfully build and install them.

However, unlike the Earth4Energy site, there are no videos for you to watch and listen to while building your solar energy or wind power project. This is why sometimes HomeMadeEnergy proves to be a bit difficult to understand to some people, although none of the projects are really that difficult.

In addition to this, the Earth4Energy site not only shows you how to build your own solar energy and wind power devices and also where to get the required materials to build them, but also offers information on where to buy bonus materials, affordable material and free batteries that can be used to store excess energy generated by your DIY home energy devices. Besides all this, Earth4Energy offers many additional tips on saving money and producing more energy.

So, although HomeMadeEnergy is a great guide, when compared with Earth4Energy, the latter is usually the preferred choice.


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