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"How To Save Power"

How to Save Power

Many people know that the world faces serious energy shortages this century. The world is developing at a rapid pace and with it comes an increasing appetite for energy. Global power consumption will eventually reach a point where it will attempt to outstrip the available supply on a regular basis. Many countries already have power blackouts and serious supply problems. This increasing energy consumption is also having an increasingly detrimental effect on the environment by way of pollution and the waste of resources.

Governments the world over are now putting in concerted efforts to try and find ways of minimising power consumption and the wastage of precious energy.

All people the world over should also do something about it, for their own good. It is in their own interest to use less energy and keep their environment as pollution free as possible, particularly in those places which have a very high level of energy use.

We know that the energy of the sun and the power of the wind can be very useful. However, do we know and do enough to save power in our daily lives?
Here are a few of the things that can be done.

Computers - keep unused computers switched off - how often do you needlessly have your computer switched on? Also, always remember to switch off the monitor when it is not in use. The monitor can use more power that your actual PC so remember to switch it off when not in use.

Light Bulbs - we all know about energy saving light bulbs and how they use less power in comparison to ordinary light bulbs. They are more expensive initially but since they consume less energy, it means lower power bills. Over the longer term they can pay for themselves and are generally better to the environment, although there are now some concerns regarding the substances they are manufactured from.

TV - unplug it when it's not in use. Don't just leave it on standby.

Air Conditioning System - if you have one, keep it set to a reasonable temperature. AC systems use up more power when the temperature level is set either too high or too low. Also, don't use it when you really don't have to. Similarly choose the correct settings for your hot water boiler - set the boiler thermostat to the level which is just hot enough to heat the water. Do not overheat the water unnecessarily which is just a waste of energy.

Microwaves - do not use the de-frost button. When you place frozen food in the microwave to be thawed for say 20 mins you are wasting a lot of energy. This energy could have been saved simply by placing your food in the air for a couple of hours and letting it defrost slowly. If people are just a little bit more careful and thoughtful, the total energy savings can be enormous.

With a bit of thought and planning you can make a difference particularly to your own energy bills.


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Earth4Energy Best Guide!

Our conclusion is that Earth4Energy is the best and most useful DIY home energy guide. It is a very simple, comprehensive and easy to understand guide on how to build your own solar and wind power devices that produce renewable energy at home.

It is easy to read and understand, very helpful and the methods described can be implemented quickly. It's best points are that:

  • It has full details for both solar and wind energy devices.
  • The instructions are easy to follow, the devices easy to build and install and the construction and maintenance costs are low.

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