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The Hubbert Oil Curve

ZMag interview with one of the most famous 'Peak Oilers'.


    "Hubbert realized that, for any given oil province, when about half the oil is gone, production tends to peak. The

    reason is that we naturally go after the easy, cheap oil first and, by the time about half of the total amount of oil

    is gone, the easy stuff tends to run out; then it becomes more difficult to extract what's left. So there's a bell-shaped curve to production that seems to apply across the board. Economic and political factors can change the shape of

    that curve. If there's a war or the price of oil changes, or a country voluntarily decides to restrict exports, those

    can alter the oil extraction profile. But even so, what goes up must eventually come down and so depletion can

    be mathematically modeled even if the graph is fairly bumpy."







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