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It's The Oil Stupid

An interesting article (not that we agree with it) about Peak Oil being the reason for the Iraq war.


    "Dr. Marion King Hubbert was a geologist who, in 1949, presented a curve predicting the rise and fall of

    oil production in the conterminous United States.  After the passage of time, this curve proved to be quite

    accurate, and it came to be known as “Hubbert's curve.”  It is a “bell-shaped” curve, which rises to a single

    peak (highest point) and then declines.  The peak is known as “Hubbert's peak.”  According to Hubbert's

    curve, oil production in a large area increases very fast initially, when much oil is discovered and is easy to

    extract.  Then, when approximately half of the total oil reserve has been extracted, production tapers off

    and then declines as less and less new oil is discovered, extraction becomes more difficult and costly, and

    the initial wells run out."







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