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Oil Industry Statistics

This web page presents some very interesting facts about the oil (+ gas) industry worldwide.


    "Where do you stand as a US gasoline consumer? For 2008 (Jan-Sept) the USA consumed an average of

    8,980,000 barrels of gasoline every day. (Note that we are ignoring diesel, jet fuel, home heating oil,

    asphalt, plastics, and all the other uses of oil.) With a population of 306,000,000, this works out to 0.029

    barrels per day for every human in the US, on average. 0.029 x 42 gallons per barrel = 1.22 gallons of

    gasoline, every day, for every person. That's 446 gallons of gasoline per year for each person. I bought

    exactly 222.6 gallons of gasoline for 2008 so far, and I know I won't fill up again before the end of the

    year. How about you? Are you above or below the average per person of 446 gallons per year?"







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