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Oil, Money & War Part 1

First of a two part article from Jim Puplava


    "Today "The Great Game” is still being played. The artificial boundaries which were created as a result of the First

    and Second World War still exist, but are now unraveling. Another factor has been introduced to The Game - oil.

    At the time the Middle East was partitioned by the great powers, oil was not a consideration. The vast oil reserves

    of the region were not yet known. The United States was the world's largest exporter of oil. Great Britain imported the majority of its oil from the United States well into the first half of the 20th century. Now it is known that the region

    contains close to 70% of the world's known oil reserves. If the Caspian Sea's reserves are added in, the Middle East contains over 80% of the world's oil."







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