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Peak Oil?

Comprehensive article about Peak Oil by Charles H. Featherstone


    "The first thing to understand about petroleum is this: crude oil is only valuable because it can be made into other things. By itself, petroleum is virtually useless. There's very little call to seal and waterproof wooden galleons or

    hurl Greek fire at one's opponents. Now, all the products we distill and refine from crude oil liquefied petroleum

    gas (LPG or condensate, stuff like propane and butane), gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, fuel oil, asphalt

    and coke can be derived from every grade of crude pumped out of the ground. But not every grade of crude can

    be refined into the same spread of substances. Without a lot of work, heavier, thicker, higher sulfur grades of petroleum (the bulk of the world's crude oil, including that produced by most OPEC countries) yields very little

    gasoline, while lighter, low-sulfur crudes yield substantially more gasoline."







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