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There Is No Plan B

An oil crisis Storm Watch Update from Jim Puplava


    "Today the U.S. economy is now totally dependent upon foreign sources of oil and natural gas. Our country has

    also moved to dependence on refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel due to a lack of refinery capacity; a problem that will only grow worse with time. Since reaching a peak in 1970 energy production has

    declined each and every decade. On land in the lower 48 states oil is tapped out. Production in the lower 48 is

    less than half of what it was in 1970. Production in the North Slope of Alaska peaked in 1988 at 2.017 million

    barrels per day (mbd). Alaskan production is now down to less than half of that. Oil production on the North

    slopes is expected to have fallen 4% in 2004 and by another 1% this year."







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