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   Links last checked & updated 11th March 2013.


   1. is an alternative news site. "We bring out what the mainstream media fails to tell you, or

       hides from you. These are the things that really matter. The things which may determine the fate of planet earth!

       The future of our children! In a word, the survival of the species!"


   2. Peak Oil Project




   4. Peak Oil Crisis - Prepare to Survive! - An introduction to the peak oil crisis, emergency survival preparedness

      (survivalist) information, and links to related sites.




   6. Eco Earth - The Environmental Sustainability Portal


   7. Climate Ark - Climate Change Portal






   10. Alternative Energy News - Alternative Energy News and Information Resources about Renewable Energy Technologies.


   11. Environmental & Natural Resource News


   12. Oil Crisis - Health & Energy **


   13. The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre


   14. Culture Change **



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